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"I seek to find infinite ways to manipulate flat shapes  that explores  3D visual  space."


Daniel Suska is a an artist and sculptor.

Works and lives in Czech republic.

With its diverse approach to creation and aesthetic exoticism, He is interesting in its category. His works are represented mainly

in private collections in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA. Creating his art is not just a fascinating fascination with geometry but also a combination of technologies and materials. Artist is not afraid of work With dual consciousness, balancing on the edge of differences. Between monumental and detail, space and the absence of space, or just strength and tenderness.


"I seek to find infinite ways to manipulate flat shapes that explores 3D visual space."


My sculptures expresses fundamental principles of geometric, cubic and organic shapes. Shape.

Shape is the word that is a basic concept for my sculptures, paintings, graphics and other projects. Each sculpture piece is folded or bend and than welded into individual units. The construction of sculptures lacks the mass of statues, so its reflects lightness and airiness.


The idea is my great relation to the differences, into dualism, to the conflict between mass and anti-mass, content and form, light and shadow.


This balance between the inner and outer space absolutely fascinates me.



Graduated on secondary school/Prague



Graduated on high school of fine arts, Atelier Scenography Prof. Trester/Prague



Ended ZCU University of design, Atelier Design Prof. Pelikán/Pilsen



Ended School of fine arts VSUP, Atelier

Illustration& graphic techniques, Prof. Erazim/Prague



Residence VSC-openstudios/USA

Auction hall, Lorna Peal, Burlington/USA

ArtSafari #18/Prague, ArtSafari #19/Prague



Author's exhibition at SUPŠ student gallery

/Prague, Exhibition "CO" by Art movement group "CO"/Prague, Author's exhibition of Graphics/Ripton Town/VT, USA



ArtSafari #24 / Prague, ArtSafari #25/Prague,

Bubec "Strikes Back"/Old Town square/Prague;


"Pop up- Walk of Friday"exhibition /Middleburry/VT, USA, McCreddel Architects/residence/USA




Author's graphics are used for periodic curatorial shows by Gallery Bubec /Prague


Author's exhibition "Soul and Body", at Holyne Gallery/Prague

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